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The land

Agrilanga is situated in the heart of the Asti Langhe , in the southern tip of Piedmont, where the sea-breezes wafting through the unique rolling hills create a special climate.

The meadows are rich in aromatic herbs, ideal pastureland for the goats which produce the highly flavoured milk used to make a unique cheese: the Robiola di Roccaverano. Rising to 800 metres in the municipality of Roccaverano, the landscape is composed of a long, snake-like crest, with a rich and varied succession of vineyards, woods and pastureland, a harmonious blend of cultivated fields and unspoilt nature.

Big skies, breathtaking panoramas, ravines, medieval towers from which on a clear day you can sea the Mediterranean, hilltops with 360∞ grandstand views of the Alps, the sea and the Po Plain. The farmhouses and drystone walls, the terraces and the long, snaky hills make the countryside unique.

In this happy meeting place of the wild and the tame we have found the perfect spot to live and work, breeding goats and producing Robiola di Roccaverano and other rare goats' cheeses in the ancient tradition.

Agrilanga Società Agricola
Reg. Bricchetto 60 - 14059 Vesime (At)
P.Iva 01164810051